Tuesday, March 30, 2010

dirk and his friends hammer the nuggets

dirk as good ever monday night in dallas on is way to his 2nd career triple double
it was a great night for shooting action in big D
gotta love this haywood tough guy
only this dog and mi amigo ralph lauer can do this

Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring break favorites 2010

curtis=cool senior pictures

metro heat freshman rockstar and senior teammates take first place...
guess who came thru in the clutch and helped her team win the trophy??
yip, good ol' number 3.

tim and sherry celebrate at grady's in fort worth
a mysterious girl at the oasis outside austin texas
betsy and colbie the women in my life...i never really had a chance
these two i will not identify cause they're making out in someone else's car...a beautifully restored mustang convertible from the 60's

and one more thing..you gotta see this movie
jeff bridges is bad blake and he is greatness.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

a few of my favorites 2010 texas rangers spring training

after 20 day's it's time to wrap this mission,
i'm gonna pack it up and head back to the fort

i'm looking forward to some down time with my beautiful wife and family
and i know my dog has missed his bike riding buddy.
also some of my friends may have forgotten what it's like
to try and return my racquetball serve.

it feels good to be on my way back home.

thanks to john blake, rich rice, brad newton and the rest of the rangers organization...you made it easy for me to show the world what spring training is all about